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B.Loffet chromatic accordion "Graet e Breizh"

Qualité Commerce Bretagne
Qualité Commerce Bretagne

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Bernard Loffet, 4 rue commandant Cousteau, F- 56850 Caudan, Brittany, France.
Tel : +33 297 05 68 92 --- mail --- more information about my workshop

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Série Graet e Breizh, le nouveau logo !
We make diatonic accordions in the "Graet e Breizh" range. But here is the exception to the rule ;-)
I designed this small chromatic accordion with traditional music in mind to obtain a sound which would be as close as possible to that of the diatonic using all the knowledge and experience in accordion making I have aquired since 1987 (and even before).
There were choices to make. First of all to reduce the weight and size of the bellows, to have a maximum of notes and to keep the 'recipe' we use for our diatonics: compact case, high quality reeds, basses and chords with direct mechanics, no thirds.
A chromatic accordion without thirds? It's a revolution!!!
It is indeed a change of seismic proportions, but the reason is as follows: in traditional music, the diatonic is often played with chords without thirds (open chords as in open tuning) which allows the musician to play in other modes (modal music). And with fewer reeds on the harmony table the instrument is lighter and more powerful.
The result is: a weight of 4 kilos and dimensions of 28x16x31 cm.
Instead of chords it is also possible to have only uni-sonorous notes which would allow the musician to compose their own chords.
The choice of Italian reeds (A mano quality), the tuning (swing, or in any case rather dry to keep the spirit of the diatonic), the music blocks made of resonance wood, all participate in creating the high quality and the different, 'diatonic' sound of this small chromatic accordion. The result is very interesting: the instrument sounds much more like a diatonic than like a chromatic accordion.

Right hand: 35 notes, 2 voices.
Left hand: 20 basses (10 basses and 10 open chords).
Weight: 4 kilos. Size : 28x16x31 cm.
Available with the keyboard with a C in third position, but any keyboard layout is possible. (See other possible layouts below)
Cherry and resonance wood from Pascal Cranga's.
Would you like to have a look at our wood workshop?

Our "Graet e Breizh" are designed and manufactured entirely here, in Brittany. 'Graet e Breizh' means 'Made in Brittany', in Breton from the area of Vannes.
The Graet e Breizh have, as do my 3 rows, my ingenious system which provides compensation for the mechanical slack to eliminate noise, light and fast right-hand mechanics in aluminium to ensure our instruments are fast and easy to use.
All our instruments are delivered with padded leather straps (the left-hand strap is adjustable), and a padded hard or soft case (the soft case is a backpack).
They have, like all my diatonics, quality bellows (with cloth wear strip) and mushroom-shaped metal-rimmed buttons.

If you have a question, leave me a message.
The different tunings.
Sound extracts in MP3.
With or without thirds? (MP3)
Look at the FAQ (in French sorry).
               Petit Chroma keyboard layouts with different systems :
Petit Chroma (chromatic accordion) 3 rows 12/11/12 - 20 basses Standard (C 1st row)
Petit Chroma (chromatic accordion) 3 rows 12/11/12 - 20 basses (C 3rd rows)
Petit Chroma (chromatic accordion) 3 rows 12/11/12 - 20 basses (inverted, C 1st row)
Petit Chroma (chromatic accordion) 3 rows 12/11/12 - old layout 18 basses

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Well, I make instruments, I'm no photographer, but I did my best...
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Credit and links are welcome  ;-)

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